Our Services

Testing Services

MTS has an extensive database of testing protocols for a wide range of consumer products. Protocols are updated as there are changes in test methods, regulatory requirements and industry practice. Great care is taken to ensure that all features of a product are covered through the verification of labeled and unlabeled expectations. MTS is careful to balance the requirements of regulatory bodies, consumer expectations, purchasing decisions and vendor achievability, while minimizing unnecessary tests.

Regulatory Compliance

MTS is the leader in consumer product testing in the evaluation of goods sold in the retail marketplace to determine whether products comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Customizing an appropriate testing program for your products can provide you with the ability to better manage risk and protect your company’s brand.

Inspection Services

MTS commits to protecting our client’s interests when addressing shipment quantity and product quality issues. Our independent, third-party quality assurance service verifies that the entire product lot falls within acceptable quality levels according to the defined sampling inspection plan. The activities help to confirm the integrity of the manufacturer’s quality management program, and to minimize the risk of rejection when the shipment arrives. It results in improved product quality, with fewer customer complaints and product recalls.

Facility Audit and Assessment Services

MTS helps you to evaluate potential suppliers by providing an unbiased assessment of their existing quality systems and processes. Since a one-size-fits-all approach may not be the best, MTS will assist you in mapping out the most effective approach for achieving your objectives, while positively impacting product quality and delivery schedules.

Social Compliance Services

Insite Compliance Services (ICS), one of the MTS companies, is a social compliance management firm that focuses on partnership and personalized service. Insite provides an extensive portfolio of services and solutions, bringing you the highest level of experience, knowledge and resources to meet all of your compliance needs. Whether, you are looking to develop, manage, or enhance a program, Insite provides you the tools and support needed to strategize your compliance efforts.

Consultant Services

MTS’s approach is practical, relevant and fully customizable. We have a proud history of partnering with our clients and their suppliers at a very reasonable charge. Specialties include:

  • Product Development
  • Toy Design/Risk Assessement
  • REACH & RoHS
  • Toy Accreditation