Inspection Services

MTS Helps Clients Reduce the Risks of Producing Defective Goods

Meeting customer expectation is your first priority. Helping you do it is ours. We know that your success depends upon the satisfaction of your customers. That is why we offer several inspection services in different production stages to help you minimize the risk of producing defective goods by catching any quality problems at the earlier stage of production period. With our services, the manufacturers would have enough time to correct and prevent the problems early on in order to ultimately create a better business.

Looking at today's world market, consumer savvy and demand is at an all time high. Manufacturers, retailers, importers and exporters have come to count on the comprehensive quality inspection services provided by MTS. We offer our inspection services for all stages of the production process in order to meet all your quality assurance needs: Pre-production Inspection (PPI), Initial Production Inspection (IPI), During Production Inspection (DPI), Final Random Inspection (FRI), and Loading Supervision (LS).

Our Scope

  • Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)
    A visual check on the quality of components, materials, and accessories at the beginning of production using client's specifications and/ or reference sample. Also, sample will be picked and be tested in lab. The PPI thus permits timely corrections and improvement before the mass production is initiated; any non-conformity is immediately reported to avoid delay in shipment. (Sometimes, service will be combined with IPI).
  • Initial Production Inspection (IPI)
    This inspection shall be performed at the initial stage of production when 20 to 50 pieces are ready and these are checked for measurement and workmanship. At this stage, we ensure our clients that the products are compliant with the approved samples and the production method is correct. (Sometimes, this service will be combined with PPI.)
  • During Production Inspection (DPI)
    This inspection shall be performed at the stage of production when 30 to 50% of the ordered quantity covering all colors and sizes are ready and these are checked for measurement and workmanship.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI) Once the merchandise is 80% produced, packed and in all respects ready for shipment, samples will be randomly selected based on the Sampling Plan and inspected to make sure that quality, quantity, packaging and labeling conform to your specifications and established approval samples. We use internationally recognized sampling procedures, such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, ISO 2859-1, BS 6001, NF X06-022 and DIN 40080, for the comprehensive random pre-shipment inspection.
  • Production Monitoring (PM) In order to avoid risks of quality and to provide punctual delivery for big orders or long-term orders, we send our designated QC to the factory nearly in a daily basis depending on the production status and provide quality control services throughout the entire process, from inspection of raw materials and during production quality control to earlier delivery in the end.
  • 100% Full Check Inspection (FC)
    A specific QC team is here to provide full check service which they will station at factory site until the shipment has been 100% inspected. Every piece of product will be inspected and repacked. All defective goods will be sorted out.
  • Loading Supervision (LS)
    Loading supervision provided by independent quality assurance company offers the guarantee that goods are being properly packaged, loaded and stored for transportation. Condition of the container and the packaging will be checked. The number of packing cases and the markings in accordance to buyers' specification will be verified.
  • Assortment & Packaging Survey (APS)
    This service is to ensure the quantity and/or the packaging assortment conformed to the Purchase order.
  • Fabric Inspection (FI)
    Finished fabric will be inspected by a 4 point system. Significant flaws are noted and the general condition of the fabric is determined and recorded.
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