Softlines Testing

While design and color may sell products, delivering quality and safety ensures customer loyalty. MTS provides a complete range of testing and quality assurance solutions from product development to shipment, ensuring that your products comply with all applicable national and international regulations. MTS' ongoing technical support and reliable testing results will help to minimize potential risks at any stage of production.

  • Fiber Labeling
  • Care Labeling
  • Colorfastness Tests
  • Dimensional Stability And Other Related Tests
  • Fabric Construction Tests
  • Strength Tests
  • Flammability Tests
  • Fabric Performance Tests

Imported textile products in the USA are required to have fiber identification labels that indicate the fiber type and content (percentages). MTS USA has the professional experience to accurately identify fibers and fiber blends, including vegetable fibers (e.g. cotton and linen), man-made fibers (e.g. Nylon, Rayon, Polyester) and specialty animal fibers such as Cashmere, Mohair, Camel hair, Yak hair, Alpaca, Llama and Vicuna.

MTS can provide accurate qualitative identification and quantitative analysis of textile fibers, including the identification of vegetable fibers, man-made fibers and animal hair fibers. All analyses are done following methodologies such as, AATCC and ASTM. We can also confirm the laws and regulatory requirements such as CPSC and FTC.