Toys Testing

Consumer awareness of children's safety and the potential for injury is at an all-time high due to the much publicized product recalls. Governments and legal entities around the globe have reacted by enacting increasingly stringent and sometimes contradictory regulations.

MTS works closely with organizations such as the CPSC, CEN and BSI to help our client's wade through the myriad of regulatory and industry accepted specifications. Our staff is trained to present the information in a practical and understandable way, building a foundation for a balanced risk-assessment decision making system.

The MTS team is proficient in ensuring compliance to various standards and directives, most notably European Standard EN71, European Toy Safety Directive (88/378/EEC), ASTM F963, Canada Hazardous Product (Toys) Regulation and ISO 8124. We also will help to develop, test and certify against a client's proprietary protocol.

Our services include:

  • Early-stage risk assessment for toys and children’s product
  • Toy life-cycle assessment
  • Age grade evaluation
  • Training, Seminar and consultation